Whimsical Faces Mixed Media Art

Vickie Flaugher is a mixed media artist, specializing in vibrantly colorful expressive portraits. Her whimsical faces are primarily inspired from her own original photography, her imagination, and with licensing cooperation with other famous artists.

Vickie frequently makes herself the model too, playfully inhabiting various personas to capture her next favorite image. Her self-portrait selfie game speaks to her belief that all art is a self-portrait if you take a moment to find yourself in it.


Remnants of backroad car trips, leading to eclectic thrift store finds, are scattered throughout Vickie’s work – a metal rooster here, a porcelain duck figurine there. Her affinity and affection for these home-spun places, and iconic images, runs deep. It’s a piece of her childhood and she loves discovering them! Interesting things can be found everywhere!

As a recovering photographer, Vickie’s cast of characters, from glitzy galas, classic car shows, and charity Casino nights, show up in her art too, adding realness to her idealized and stylized renderings. This ephemera adds to the folksy feel in her work, showcasing real people, having real fun, as stars of the show.

New Series Classics Re-Imagined

Americana is a classic favorite for Vickie, so, in 2021, she is launching her Classics Reimagined series. It’s her debut licensing project, and will start with stylized renditions of the Saturday Evening Post magazine covers created by Norman Rockwell. Rockwell is a beloved American painter, and one of Vickie’s favorites.

Vickie is pleased to be working with Curtis Licensing, owner of the SEP covers by Rockwell, and…well, you need to mark your calendar and come back often, because the releases of those unique pieces will begin shortly.

In addition to making mixed media art, Vickie Flaugher is an author, and art entrepreneur. She is the founder of the Be a Professional Artist community, where she helps pro-level artists sell more art, especially online. 

A Note From Vickie:

Hi! Vickie Flaugher here! Welcome to my Online Art Gallery. Glad you found your way here! Here at VickieFlaugherArt.com, you will be able to connect with my art and purchase it.

As to why I do what I do, beauty is my JAM! I love finding ways to amplify it, to paint a evocative picture, and to put words to thoughts and emotions. It is is my treasured path. Art, and all that goes into making it, is my dream avocation. Creativity, to me, is like water and air – have to have it, with very regular frequency.

I run an art buyers group on Facebook, and I’d love to have you connect there. @VickieFlaugherArt You will find art freebies, event announcements, new series reveals, and more. It’s a front row seat to the latest news first, and the VIP Inner Circle is where all the cool kids hang out. Come join the fun over there!

You can also sign up for my newsletter, where I offer special purchase offers before I open them to the general public. If you want to be on the inner circle, and be in the know, this is where to start.

Excited to meet you, and look forward to learning more about you!

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