Taking One Step Back to Go Two Steps Forward

My birthday week has been splendid! I did, however, choose to take a step back. I let myself down a little, perhaps, and feel I want to confess and reset. My soul adventure and shedding process continues.

One step back Vickie Flaugher artist image

I had intended to hard launch my e-commerce website with my new art line on my birthday, the 5th. Obviously, the 5th is already gone, and my work is not completed as I had imagined. Hmm…

On reflection, I decided to take a deep breath and pause a sec. It’s been unclear to me if I have been delaying out of nervousness, or something else, so I have taken my own advice. I have hired a coach to help me. Woohoo! Hell, next I will even outsource, delegate, and build a team! #fancy 🙂

I am excited about having a clear path forward, and excited to get stuck in, with my coach’s guidance. Be patient with me as I lay the strong foundation of a solid art making and selling lifestyle, and get ready with your credit cards, because I will be making more offers.

So, next, the art selling strategy will be fully developed and will be implemented. I will be adding a public Facebook group for fans and patrons of my work, and it will evolve smartly and effectively. You will likely notice art launches where I build up to a time limited weekend sales event, rather than always pushing sales every day…it’s a lovely launch/rest/repeat style of working, and I am very much looking forward to this.

I am both wildly excited as well as very slightly wobbly-kneed to share with you the newest Classics Reimagined series pieces I have created. They’re mixed media pieces, combining my stylized drawings with work from The Saturday Evening Post covers. I am using the ones where Norman Rockwell was the creator. It’s something new, yet a continuation of the whimsical faces I have been creating, so it’s…just so much. It’s coming still, I promise.

Ok, so with a slight mea culpa, onward I go. Keep your eyes peeled…it’s about to get hot around here!

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