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Here at Vickie Flaugher Art, I pause to reflect on my previous incarnations as an artist, as I get ready to launch my new collection. Today, I embark on a new adventure. I am refreshing old e-commerce platforms where I have sold my photography and landscapes. The old website is getting refreshed. I am reworking all my portfolio, based on my new direction with mixed media expressive faces.

What? Landscapes?

Landscapes? Photography? WTH? What about the faces, Vickie? Yeah, exactly.

So, why landscape photography in the first place? Because I was a crappy oil painter, that’s why. At the turn of the current century, I woke up one day and realized, quite lamely frankly, that I was a workaholic with no hobbies. Yep, I pretty much saw an early and pitiful life in my future if I kept on my projected path, so, I committed to cultivating some hobbies.

I decided that oil painting was one of the hobbies I would try.

I say “try” because, honestly, I was bad. Of course, I was a beginner, but remember, I was also an actively recovering corporate cubicle workaholic. I hadn’t worked any of those steps or gone to any meetings to fix it, so it was a fresh and tender spot. It took courage to even admit I needed hobbies, let alone brag out loud how incredible awful I was at it. Completely awful.

Being an Artist Takes Time

Thing is, I had not matured as an artist yet to realize that to start something new, you have to pretty much accept epic suckage until you get your tools under command. Wisdom isn’t necessarily with you straight out of the gate, you know. Beside that basic realization, I was changing myself and my life in huge leaps and bounds at the time, and overwhelm *might* have been my middle name at the time. I’m not too proud to admit it. Well, now, in retrospect, but, I think you know what I mean.

I just remember thinking no way in hell this was ever going to be any fun. A hobby is supposed to be fun…right? In fact, “enjoy the process” was one of my least favorite phrases. It sounded like apologizing for all the hard work you are about to put in to get to a crappy destination. You could say I wasn’t enjoying, or trusting, any process at that point.

It was all new to me, though, and I was sincere about being patient in my growth, so I kept forging forward. It felt important, even as it felt embarrassing. I knew it would change my life. Vickie Flaugher Art was born.

Your Turn – How Are You Moving Your Creative Self Forward?

So, what about you? What kind of house cleaning are you doing in your life to move your creative self forward? Share your story below!

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